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Prolimit Fusion Steamer 5/3 2012

Grande nouveauté Pro Limit 2012, la gamme de combinaisons FUSION apporte des produits techniques et stylés avec un rapport qualité-prix imbattable.

New in 2012 are the FUSION series. Progressive styling, lots of colour, cramped with lots of detailed and refined innovations and best product available in it’s target group. Colorful, technical and best steamer available in it’s target group.Made out of the high valued Airflex 2 and Airflex 1 neoprene which gives this suit lot’s of stretch and freedom of movement. Armcuffs on the arms and the detachable legstraps are limiting water entry and in case water comes in drainholes at the lowerlegs are automatically take care of this. Our unique waterblock systems prevents water entry on the backzipper. •    5 Way Flex Knee •    Fitted Collar •    Leg Drain Holes •    Short Zip •    Velcro Leg Cuffs •    Water Block

•    Water Repellent Coating